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Air & Water Commissioning

Commissioning is possibly the most important activity in the construction process which enables the Mechanical and Electrical Services installation to achieve the environmental conditions desired by both the designer and end user.

typical ventilation drawing

The purpose of Commissioning is to ensure the completed installation is inspected, ‘set to work’, tested, adjusted and regulated, ensuring, when handed over to our Client operational services of the building, are working in accordance with correct design specification. It will also demonstrate installed equipment complies with the design intent, as outlined in the design specification.

From a programming point of view, commissioning and balancing activities have to be carried out in a strict sequence with little variance to allow a seamless handover.

Commissioning activities therefore, are less flexible than any other part of the installation, where alternative sequences can be adopted to provide maximum usage of labour resources, or the availability of resources.

Standardisation enables us to resource more efficiently and to cover unforeseen absences due to sickness, holidays etc. with minimum disruption to both client and project.

MWS(UK) Ltd provide graded engineers to ensure the needs of all types of HVAC commissioning, from small projects to the largest installations. We provide 35 years’ experience of professional management support team, to ensure a smooth handover of all our services seen below.

A comprehensive list of our Commissioning Services is as follows: