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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our service and maintenance packages are extremely beneficial to you as a customer, as poorly maintained air conditioning or ventilation systems can become unhygienic and inefficient due to poor air flows which will increase running cost.

Poor maintenance is also the biggest cause of systems to break down which can lead to expensive part replacements such as compressors, fan motors, PCBs or even result in requiring a complete new system.

Regular service and maintenance of air conditioning systems is highly beneficial for several reasons.
By definition Air conditioning needs air and by doing so picks up particals from the atmosphere it serves. These particles are collected in the filters but often find themselves in and around the working area of the system. This can be highly unhygienic.
New customers are often shocked at what can be found.

Lack of, or, poor maintenance can increase the working pressures within the system and therefore can reduce the life of the system and can be the reason for premature failure of many of the components within the system – for example: compressors, fan motors, PCB’s and refrigerant gas leaks.

Other consequences due to a lack of, or, no maintenance can be a reduction in performance so the system does not heat or cool as it did before, unpleasant smells and water leaks.

Regular air conditioning maintenance and scheduled servicing can not only save you money, but ensures your air conditioning hardware will continue to perform at its best for years after installation.

An air conditioning maintenance and service plan from MWS will ensure that your equipment is always fully compliant with legislation set down by the Health and Safety Executive, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the Environment Agency. (For more information about the relevant legislation visit the organisations websites at, and

All our air conditioning maintenance work is arranged to suit your timescales and operational goals, in order to minimise down time, inconvenience, and possible loss of production or sales.

Our Services include the following: